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Helping schools evolve as ‘hubs of healing and happiness’... so learning and living THRIVE

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The Super, Simple Tools to immediately:

  • deepen CONNECTION 
  • accelerate LEARNING
  • increase JOY

Monumental Mission

As a school principal, your impact is wide and deep…

Serving your school community, solving simultaneous priorities (that needed resolution yesterday) and raising those benchmarks is a Monumental mission!

But it’s hard to release your classrooms, hallways and playgrounds from the white-knuckled grip of an increasing complex world…

Especially with LESS TIME… and MORE directives from local offices, phone calls from overwhelmed parents, and news reports that make your eyes pinball down the hallway…

But you’re not alone! And you CAN lead your school to that next level of success! 
Your vision is possible!

Hi! I’m Trish Keiller, M.S., Ed., founder, trainer, and coach at Roots Education.

With customized coaching (because no two schools are alike, and I love research and people!) and embodied, hands-on training, I help your teachers and students find more power, more joy, and more success in school (and beyond!).

Help your teachers (and students!) maximize their potential and thrive through professional learning experiences all geared to getting students LEARNING READY: 

  • Brain-Aligned Techniques

    engage focus, attention & self-efficacy

  • Mindfulness Practices

    support self-regulation & emotional well-being

  • Social Emotional Learning Strategies

    remove barriers, engage growth-mindset

  • Community-Building Habits

    cultivate healthy relationships that strengthen feelings of belonging & accelerate learning

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Partner Love

"Trish's trainings have been instrumental in shiftingthe culture of our organization..."

As the CEO of A World Fit For Kids! I am so grateful to have had the honor of working with Trish Keiller over the past few years. As a consultant, she has provided a variety of outstanding trainings for our team and it has made such a difference for everyone who has experienced her workshops. Our leadership team and coach-mentors are more empowered, motivated and confident in their work and they are better equipped to make a difference in the lives of the young people we serve. Trish is wise, straightforward, honest and she helps us to be our best selves. Her training has been instrumental in shifting the culture of our organization to one of connection, commitment and caring for ourselves and others. We are extremely fortunate to have her on our team!

    Normandie Nigh
    Normandie Nigh


    Dynamic, relatable, a brilliant communicator and an expert in her field, Trish is truly an MVP - a most valuable presenter! Rooted in research, complimented with her years of personal experience, and sprinkled with a contagious energy and genuine warmth, Trish’s presentations invite growth by raising consciousness in a non-threatening way. Trish connects with her audience and offers something for every individual to ponder. Whether through her newsletters, workshops, or trainings, Trish educates and inspires. Never preachy, Trish’s humble sincerity, empathy and genuine invested interest in helping humans is evident in all that she does! Truly a gift to all of us in education!

      Leigh Roberts
      Leigh Roberts

      Teacher, +25 years

      The insights gained from Trish's training will help your team progress at work and your team will see ways to apply the insights within their homelife as well. Trish adapts to her audience, allowing more participants to expand their understanding to improve and influence any part of their life. She offers ways for participants to grow during the training and the follow-up coaching system continues to guide and expand the learning for the participants after the training. Trish Keiller is a highly skilled trainer and motivational speaker who is interactive and inclusive - time well spent! Recommended to any team or business!

        Jason Herd
        Jason Herd

        Athletic Director

        Trish has been a profound support for me as I began my teaching career. She's selfless, a wealth of information, and truly gets the classroom experience. The tools I've learned have given me inspiration in my toughest moments. And my students are the better for it!

          Nancy Diaz
          Nancy Diaz


          Trish's expertise in addressing the intricate needs of middle school students was not just remarkable but also deeply transformative. The dynamic sessions she conducted were meticulously tailored, resonating with our staff and students alike, and fostering an environment of growth and understanding. The impact of her work extended beyond mere knowledge transfer; it brought about a significant and positive change in the way our students engage with their academic and personal challenges. The legacy of Trish's work with Roots to Rise continues to live vibrantly within the corridors and classrooms of our middle school. Her impact is visible in the heightened sense of community, the improved student engagement, and the overall enhanced emotional well-being of our school community. Trish’s contribution has been a catalyst for lasting change, ensuring that our school is not just a place of learning, but also a nurturing ground for the holistic development of every individual. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Trish for her extraordinary dedication and impact. Her work has left an indelible mark on our school, and we are immensely grateful for her passion and expertise in shaping a brighter, healthier future for our students.

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            Bring more engagement and more connection to your school community, and be a place where:

            You CAN lead your school to that next level of success by nurturing hearts, empowering confidence, and supporting authentic learning from the inside out. 

            Our focus?
            Engaging your staff to recognize and capitalize on the strengths already on your campus...
            thereby, accelerating learning and progress!

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