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Roots Education offers Customized Training and Follow-Up Coaching Sessions to maximize potential and nurture success from the inside out.

What does customized training mean?

Help your teachers support their students (and themselves!) accelerate learning, deepen connection, and cultivate joy through engaging, hands-on training so they can:

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Integrate training sessions in learning readiness, mindfulness, social emotional learning, and leadership to align with your current programs and initiatives and avoid the 'not one more thing!' conversation.

Each training session includes:

Hands-on activities for teachers to collaborate and practice classroom strategies

Small group discussions for teachers to share ideas and strengthen their partnership

Workbooks to create a tangible, shared resource that can be used again and again

Session RE-CAP document summarizing training experience with images and key take-aways as resource to keep important information top-of-mind for busy educators.


As educators, we know that no two school days are alike.  And working with kids = you just never know what’s going to come up!
Roots Education offers Ongoing Coaching throughout the year to jump into the trenches of your school and partner with you to:


Partner Love

"Dynamic, relatable, a brillant communicator! Trish is truly an MVP! A gift to all of us in education!"

Dynamic, relatable, a brilliant communicator and an expert in her field, Trish is truly an MVP - a most valuable presenter! Rooted in research, complimented with her years of personal experience, and sprinkled with a contagious energy and genuine warmth, Trish’s presentations invite growth by raising consciousness in a non-threatening way. Trish connects with her audience and offers something for every individual to ponder. Whether through her newsletters, workshops, or trainings, Trish educates and inspires. Never preachy, Trish’s humble sincerity, empathy and genuine invested interest in helping humans is evident in all that she does! Truly a gift to all of us in education!

    Leigh Roberts
    Leigh Roberts

    Teacher, 25+ years

    The training and support I have received from Roots Education, has been a benefit to not only me as a parent, but also to my clients, that I support in my social work practice. From the minute you meet Trish, you will start to believe and envision a new way of working with children. The resources and training offer simple, realistic, and easy to implement techniques to promote physical, mental, and emotional health. Trish truly exudes peace, joy and hope, and she understands the challenges we all face. Having been a first responder during the mental health challenges of our current climate, it is imperative to me to have easily accessible resources for children and adults to learn to better manage emotions, increase confidence, and build community. Roots education has been an asset to my social work practice, and to the countless teachers, parents, and students, that come to me in search of personal growth and emotional stability.

      Mary Baveghems
      Mary Baveghems

      Social Worker

      Trish had such a clear understanding of my classroom that I actually thought she'd be in my room! To say she 'gets it' is an understatement. I left the training re-inspired and equipped with so many tools to use right away!

        Craig S.


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