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Hi! I’m Trish, founder and wholistic education coach at Roots Education

As daughter to a school principal, I knew my late mom’s job didn’t end with the school bell. Even as a young girl, I saw my mom’s passion for people, education, and community. It was a MISSION, a lifestyle, and her impact was wide and deep.

As a school principal, you probably know the feeling…

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(Yes, this is me!

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my library )

I wanted to be an educator and help people, too. Even setting up a library in my backyard at 6-years-old to help neighborhood kids with their summer reading! (including late fees!)

So with my first teaching gig as a middle school teacher over 25 years ago, I was sure I would ROCK the classroom. 

But instead of students gobbling up my awesome lessons, I often found they were falling asleep in Period 1, resuming lunchtime conflict in Period 5, and bouncing off the walls in Period 7!

Well they didn’t tell you that in college! And instead of feeling joyful and inspired at the end of the day, I felt drained and defeated.

Maybe some of your teachers are feeling that way, too… 

It was unsettling, and I had to find out why my students weren’t ready to learn when it was time… and if I’m honest, what, exactly, was wrong with ME?!

I took a sabbatical, moved to LA, and followed every crumb to find the connection between our brain, our heart, and our body in being ready to learn.

And because I love research and people, I left no stone unturned…

…interned with leadership experts, studied under yoga teachers, facilitated self-care communities, wrote curriculum for nutrition experts, got certified as a yoga teacher, a yoga teacher’s teacher, and holistic health coach. I wasn’t happy until I had answers… and proven results.

What I finally figured out was that LEARNING WELL meant FEELING WELL.

And FEELING WELL meant nurturing healthy minds, healthy hearts, and healthy bodies with intentional practice mindfulness, relationship-building, yoga, and leadership.

Eureka! No wonder my students had such a hard time in school (and their teacher, too – managing stress and overwhelm)–  we paid no attention to the value of  feeling well in the classroom and its impact on LEARNING and WELL-BEING. 

And that’s why my mission as an educator, health expert, and mom, has been empowering school principals and teachers to feel well… Calm Body, Strong Mind, Joyful Heart….. so their students can feel well and learn well, too. 


And I can partner with you and your teachers, too, on your path to SUCCESS.      

Partner Love

"A transformational leader... unlike any I have experienced.."

Trish Keiller is truly a transformational leader, unlike any I have experienced. She has the ability to create a safe and non threatening space where people feel open to share from the heart. She takes you on a journey of wellness and awareness in a fun and expansive way. I can honestly say that through her work with A World Fit For Kids!, I have had many personal awareness's that have changed my life..

    Nina Tatum
    Nina Tatum

    Associate Director

    cont... Trish is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work and that is evident in all she does and who she is. She leads by example! She is a master yogi, an athlete, a teacher, a leader, and a scholar.. Trish is working with our entire organization to assist us in creating a culture of self-care that our teams need to be able to work at a high level. Trish is a huge team player and we are the better for having her on our team.

      Nina Tatum
      Nina Tatum

      Associate Director

      I have had the pleasure of working with Trish Keiller for over a decade, she is an excellent facilitator! Trish really listens to the needs of our organization and uses her skills and expertise to develop wellness trainings that support our frontline staff. In turn, our staff introduce and practice these skills with our students, creating valuable lifelong habits. It’s a win win for all!

        Edith Ballesteros
        Edith Ballesteros


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