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Empowering teachers & students from
the inside out to THRIVE in the classroom (and beyond)

with Calm Body, Strong Mind, Joyful Heart

Hi! I’m Trish Keiller, M.S., E.D., Founder and Coach At Roots Education.

With customized coaching (because no two schools are alike, and I love research and people!) and hands-on training, I help your teachers and students find more power, more joy, and more success in school (and beyond!).

Help YOUR teachers (and students!) maximize their potential and THRIVE through: 

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Want your teachers and students to have more power, more joy, more success in the classroom (and beyond)?
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3 questions to include in your next staff meeting to connect and inspire
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2 strategies to reduce stress
1 technique to energize and empower a tired crowd
As a school principal, your IMPACT is wide and deep…

Serving your school community, solving simultaneous priorities (that needed resolution yesterday) and raising those benchmarks is a MONUMENTAL mission! 

But it’s hard to release your classrooms, hallways and playgrounds from the white-knuckled grip of an increasing complex world…


-the teacher who’s out-the-door from overwhelm


-the student whose eyes are down


-the kid who’s being led to your office again


-the benchmark metric that isn’t going up enough

Especially with LESS TIME… and MORE directives from local offices, phone calls from overwhelmed parents, and news reports that make your eyes pinball down the hallway…

Bringing Leaders Together to Elevate the Conversation:

Check out my interview with Dr. Michele Borba, author of Thriving & Un-Selfie – classics for today’s classroom, students and schools

Check out my interview with NASSP’s 2022 Principal of the Year, Beth Houf

Check out my interview with NASSP’s 2022 Principal of the Year, Beth Houf